I Love My Nutribullet

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Andre L.
Joined: 12/26/2013

I got my NB on Xmas and started using it on Boxing Day and I have notice a difference in my sleeping pattern. My partner at work says I normally doze off every now and then at work. But the last 2 days since I started using my NB I haven't been dozing off at work. So he asked me if there was something wrong with me and I said no but I've started Juicing/Blasting and I explained the NB system to him and now I think I've got him interested in the NB :)

All I can say is I Love My NB !!!

LOVE the nutribullet!!!!!!! My husband and I have been using it for three days now, we have always been healthy eaters and fitness people. I've been looking for a way to elevate our nutritious lifestyle and this was the answer! We feel even better now than we ever have...everyone should try a nutri blast!!!!!!