I Need to Order a 900; HOW?

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Roberta C.
Joined: 8/23/2013

I want to get a Nutribullet 900 and have it shipped to my son in Seattle.  The first problem I encounter is that the 900 is not among the products offered here at this site nor at nutribullet.com.  The second problem is that, while there is a great offer of buy one get one free on the 600 over at nutribullet.com, the order form does not allow me to bill MY address while shipping to ANOTHER address...




I love this product, and I have both a 600 and a 900--my daughter-in-law is very ill and could use the nutritional support a Nutribullet provides.  Please help me get one to her quickly!

I should probably clarify--I want to make sure that whatever I send them is also covered by a warranty that Nutribullet will honor. I bought my 600 through Amazon and registered it for warranty coverage immediately upon receipt last fall. Then, when my blade failed, the warranty was NOT honored because I had purchased it at Amazon. I want to make sure that I get them a machine that they will be able to use to help my DIL recover and all of them improve their health, and that will require a warranty that allows them to continue if anything goes wrong!
Do you have a Kohl's where you live? I have seen the 900 there but nowhere else.
No Kohl's. I see they areNo Kohl's. I see they are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond online, as well as at Amazon. But I don't want to buy me that won't be warrantable.
I find it strange that the 900 cannot be ordered on the website. Call customer service and ask them if the warranty will be honored if you order the 900 from BB&B online or Kohl's online. Good luck.