I prefer Ginger powder vs whole Ginger

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Michael B.
Joined: 12/31/2013

I found that real ginger shreds instead of completely breaking down.so I have started using powdered.

I also put black brewed coffee cold or luke warm in my morning blast.

I also have started using mostly frozen fruits. Fresh spinach,cherry tomatos,beets and also I add some of the beet juice.Also places like whole foods and asian markets sell things like lychee fruits.

Plus I also add delmonte red grapefruit because it is in its own juices or water.

Also started adding quinoa to my morning blast too. Cold .I make up a few cups and use it throughout the week. I feel fuller too .

Sam's is where I buy all of my fruits and vegs and I bought $ 100 bucks worth on dec 31 2013 and still going strong.

Had a problem with bananas going bad too fast so I peel them and cut them in half and freeze them.

You are prepped and ready to Blast!! Very cool.
how much of the quinoa do you add and what brand do you use
I use about 1/4 cup and ancient harvest from walmart.