IBS - Leaky Gut

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Isabelle S.
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Hi All.  New to Nutribullet.  I was ~90% complient vegan for 2 years.  My food sensitivities seemed to get worse.  Have stopped eating all dairy, gluten-containing grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, (do eat occasional chia and flax seeds).  My body seems to be healing. but I am using meat bone broths, meat and fish, because of all the veggie protein sources that I can't eat.  Anyone else had any history with this?  I would really love to get back to nuts and legumes.  Do others have recommendations on how to do this? I previously was not soaking my nuts and seeds.  Could that make them easier for me to digest?  I was sprouting my beans, and would go back to that.  How long do you need to stay away from these foods before you are healed enough to re-introduce them?  I don't want to try to early because I'm afraid it would mean that I counter all the good healing that has taken place. 

Hi. I forgot to mention,that I have been following low FODMAP diet for the IBS. This also seems to be helping. Has anyone else had experience with this? I so look forward to being able to expand my fruit and veggies options.
I would try sprouting beans and legumes as that helps increase enzyme content which can lead to improved digestion along with soaking nuts prior to using. It sounds like you are following an elimination diet, or that you may benefit from following this diet. Eliminate the foods you mentioned and introduce foods slowly back into your diet. The way the elimination diet works is that you remove common foods that cause allergies like dairy, gluten, soy eggs, processed meats and foods, caffeine, hydrogenated oils, all nuts and seeds, added sugar. Follow this diet for about 3 weeks and then pick one food per day to add back in. Monitor your symptoms for 2 days to see if that food was a trigger. This is not an easy diet to follow, but if you want to get to the root of the problem, this is the best way to go! This will also eliminate the need to follow the FODMAP diet for now, but you can add those foods in, one day at a time, and really understand which ones bother your system. Let me know if you have any additional questions.