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Helene Levine L.
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Inorder to make my drinks colder instead of water can I use ice and if so how much can I use without damaging the blades?

Just a couple pieces should do the trick! I actually prefer to use frozen fruit so no space is "wasted" when nutritious ingredients could be used. The blades can handle the cubes, however I like to use small cubes or crushed up ice from the fridge dispenser just to take extra care of my blade. When using ice, be sure to still use liquid.
Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I am a new user and appreciate your support. It is the specific and quality of information and tips as well as the portioned sized containers you provide that led me to make my purchase. I have a vita-mix as well, but already my husband and I have starting using the nutribullet 2x daily. It's fun and easy.