I'm new here and have a question

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Steve D.
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Hi Folks,


Just joined a few minutes ago,


I've had my bullet for about two months and the first month was fine.

I was using a nice mix of stuff with the tall glass and had no issues.


Suddenly a few weeks ago I started get a deep gas pain in the pit of my belly.

I backed off for a week completely and just this week started using the small glass and feel better.

If it helps, I mostly use frozen fruits and vegetables.

The carrots, cucimbers and bananas are the only fresh items I use.


Has anybody had this experience?


Is it too much all at once?

or a bad mix of certain foods?


Thanks in advance!

If you're not used to consuming large amounts of fiber, then a sudden increase will often cause gas and bloating. You did a good thing in switching to a smaller cup. Continue to drink plenty of fluid when you up your fiber so you don't clog up. Over time, your body will adjust and you can slowly increase portions. Be sure to drink slowly as well. Check out these two articles here for some more info :) http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/feeling-bloated http://www.nutriliving.com/blog/getting-things-moving-fiber
Thanks Krista! I'll check outThanks Krista! I'll check out the links.