Intro and How to turn my picture around

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Kristina G.
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Hi! I'm new to this to nutribullet. I had the original Magic bullet and saw the infomercial on HSN for the nutribullet 900. I had to have it. After a few months I was able to purchase with a great deal from Kohl's!  Right now I've been experimenting with different fruits and spinach.  I look forward to loosing weight and being healthy along with getting my family healthy!  My daughter is 19 and has bowl issues, my son is 10 and overweight. My husband has bowl, stomach, and all sorts of issues. I know all these have to do with bad diet and the food we eat. 

I saw a video that David Wolfe was in about how our food was made. I really want to learn all I can about the nutrients and healing powers of RAW food! 

How do I get my picture to not be upside down! lol. Although in away, I've been living my life upside down and look forward to turning it right-side up! 

Tank you in advance!


My profile photo uploaded exactly as I expected, so I suspect that maybe your photo was upside-down before you uploaded it?....if so, try rotating it on your computer and re-upload it.