Ionized High Ph water

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Troy W.
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What IS Ionized Alkaline Water?

It improves metabolism by cleaning and activating body cells!

Ionized alkaline water consists of small molecule clusters, which facilitate the decomposition of body fat. This water is silky smooth and easy to drink so you can drink large amounts. It is also effective for rejuvenation of blood, body detoxification, overall health promotion, prevention of hyperacidity and abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation and constipation.

Drink alkaline water for health benefits: increase energy, promote weightloss, slow down aging, support wellness, deeply hydrate and detoxify, boost mental clarity and, most important... scavenge up damaging free radicals! Add this to your nutri bullet and you will see amazing results..

I appreciate your opinion however, I don't believe in the use of alkalizing water machines to alkalize the body. Our body pH is influenced by the minerals in our foods, our overall body nutritional balance and the stresses we put on our bodies. Our body is balancing our pH internally every second we are living. It uses the minerals in our body and those we eat to maintain this critical balance. There is no better source of alkalinity than the foods we consume. The NutriBullet supercharges the alkaline potential by making these nutrients and minerals even more absorbable. For my full opinion please read this article. Wally Bishop C.N.C.
I have had several questions about alkaline water and I think Wally supplied a wonderful response. I feel there is large marking push behind this new idea, but the science behind it not substantial. Water cannot be alkalized. It is the material in the water that makes it alkaline or acidic. Water is a poor conductor of electricity and is not prepared to hold a charge. While the presence or absence of hydrogen atoms controls acidity and alkalinity, hydrogens are neither accepted nor donated by water. Otherwise it would no longer be water. Deuterium oxide ( D2O or sometimes 2H2O ), for example, is not water. Drinking it will not kill you, but neither will it hydrate cells, and you will die from dehydration, although your thirst might be slaked. Adding an oxygen to water yields hydrogen peroxide, which, if left exposed to air, will lose that oxygen and revert to water. That is the reason behind the brown bottle. If a person wants "alkaline water," all he needs to do is to add Alka-Seltzer or baking soda. Minerals by nature are alkaline. Which ever ones you add to water will alkalize the beverage, but the water is still water. If our goal is to provide an alkaline environment inside the body, then the pancreas can handle that just fine. That organ makes bicarbonates in response to the introduction of an acid which actually neutralize the pH level. This is the rationale behind drinking lemon water. Citrus is an acid, but causes the pancreas to change the environment to become more alkaline. Alkaline water, if there could be such a thing, does nothing. Look for the studies. I have never found one. It is what is in the water that alters pH. Liquid minerals and lemon are examples.
I drink lemon water sometimes just to feel replenish. is
I love adding lemons to my water. Gives it a good taste, and is good for you! Yum!