Is fruit only ok?

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Andrea T.
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I recently bought the NturiBullet but don't care for fruits and veggies mixed.  In the a.m. I have either apple and pear and flax seed or banana and one of those and flax seed.  I made a vegatable broth based soup with spinach, cabbage and onions and blasted those and reheat for a soup before lunch.  Is this ok?  I feel guilty about not mixing them but I just don't like the taste but want to make sure I am not missing the point!




Angg321... My only concernAngg321... My only concern would be blood sugar and insulin spikes. The fiber in the fruit blunts this a bit, but when you have a large cup of pureed fruit, the sugar level can be quite high. This is good if you need a quick energy source for times like before/after a workout, but for every day, I'd suggest adding in a bit of low sugar veggies. Try doing 1/2 spinach w/ the rest of the fruits...I almost guarantee you won't be able to taste the leafy greens :) Check out this blog post here to give you some tips on lower GI fruits and sugar in general.
Try adding almond milk or a bit of yogurt. Wasn't crazy about most of the recipes, they all still tasted green! But really like it with vanilla almond milk!
Daytanya I agree with Kristen. Just fruit is too much sugar if that is the only type of blast you are doing. I would add ground flax seeds or almonds to add fiber fat and protein. At some poi t it is important to add lots of veggies to your blast. Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C
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I have to agree with you on this one too Krista.
Yup, spinach is a great green to add without affecting the taste! Best of luck getting your greens in!
Krista, Do know of any goodKrista, Do know of any good weight loss drink recipes? There are only 2 listed on the site, and I was hoping for a variety so I don't get tired of the same concoctions. You are such an inspirational person, and I really appreciate your responses to all the questions asked of you by the followers on this site. Thank you, MicheleL
Angg321, If you do only fruitAngg321, If you do only fruit I would add a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar to the blast. ACV helps blunt the absorption of sugar from our digestive system. I also love the tart flavor it provides. The great thing is that ACV is very healthy for us and our digestive system. It provides many health benefits. Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
MicheleL... If NutriBlastingMicheleL... If NutriBlasting for weight loss, I recommend using them as a meal replacement. There are no proven recipes per se, but there are some foods that may help satiate (reducing overall food consumption), balance blood sugar levels, or boost metabolism. In addition, you must be mindful of the total amount of calories in your NutriBlast and how that plays into your daily allotment. Some great additions to your Blast include cinnamon, chia seeds, raw apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg's), more veggies vs. fruits, if fruit then low sugar options like berries, raw cacao and some protein and healthy fats maybe from a touch of hemp seeds, a few almonds or walnuts or some cooked quinoa.
At first some of the greens were a little to strong for me. So I started using live sprouts, the flavor is mild, they blend smoothly, they have live enzymes, and they are more nutrituos than the actual plants they produce. Sprouting is quick and easy and inexpensive. A few minutes a day and very little space and you can have your own fresh greens every single day.
I didn't know this tip Wally! Thanks for sharing! What brand do you recommend people buy?
I love Bragg's brand, always want to make sure it contains the "mother" which is what makes it look all cloudy at the bottom. Give it a shake before pouring.
Scott I think Braggs is the best and the only one I use. It is great stuff Wally