Is there an ideal pre-workout NutriBlast?

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Mortimer M.
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I like to blast before and after I workout.  What should I put in my blast before a workout for the best results?

Here's a good pre-workout blast idea from DW! And here's one on the site for after you're done.
Great topic Fruitcake, and Thank you very much laura for the post! I will try this before next workout.
Before a workout, carbohydrates are important to help give you readily available energy. Post workout add the carbs to replenish what was used up, but also focus on protein to help repair and grow the muscles that you have just worked. Bananas are a good source of easy to digest carbohydrates and potassium for electrolyte balance. I like some almond butter in my post-workout NutriBlast - it is not only a treat, but has some good protein and healthy fats!
A great pre-workout nutriblast would be something that has some oatmeal, and a little bit of protein (natural whey protein) with some fruit. This will fuel your system with enough glycogen to last for the entire workout...and help you get the most out of it!
How about just almonds or tahinni instead of almond butter?
That could work too.
what do you all mix for energy pre workout?