Is is ever to Late for Nutrablast, this is what I made at 11pm

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Louie/Elvira D.
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2 Tablespoons of Flaxseeds (Milled)

1 Celery stick

1 Carrot 

2 leaves of Romaine lettuce

1 Clove of Garlic

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 half cup of blueberries

1 Half banana

added some Ice and Blasted away

came out pretty thick but very tasty.


Comments are appreciated.

Hope you like.



Ideally, we want to stop eating about 2-3 hours before we go to bed so it depends on when you went to sleep. Also, if you are hungry and can't sleep, then a nice small snack could be just the thing you need to help you sleep...maybe use the small cup for late night snacks! Also, if you are looking to gain weight and haven't met your caloric quota for the day then go ahead and bend these rules. So, the answer depends on your situation.
Hi Krista, Actually I went to bed around 3 am because I am still unpacking which I haven't had time for lately, and I think the highest calorie food in that blast was probably the banana not sure, but yes I was a little hungry and I didn't want to eat just something out of the fridge, so I said said to myself why not something nutritious, NUTRIBLAST lol