It leaked now how do I clean the base?

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Nancy T.
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My NutriBullet has leaked and now there is liquid in the base and it seeped down into the walls of the base.  How can I clean it?  I did not over fill it with liquid...





Have you contacted customer service? Use the link below to contact them, and I'll alert them to this message. Just reply to me with your name, email address and phone number so I can forward it along to them...
Mine leaked and customer service was very helpful and pleasant to work with. I eventually was sent a replacement base. It made me so happy. It was a real pain trying to make my blasts with my old blender. Now I am blasting away again, just making sure to not overfill and screwing the blade on tighter!
It's better to Prevent than to lament ........Well it's bound to happen water and any liquid will always find a way sure to stay below the MAX line with veggies, fruit and water . Don't run the motor run more than 60 seconds. And Always Always Wait for the motor to stop before removing the cup from the base......when stopping the unit from working press down and turn to the right ......let go of the cup reach for the sky and say "I Love My Nutribullet.!!!!!!! Then pick it up......if tis too late and a sprinkler when off in your kitchen .....follow the steps below while unit is unplugged ......grab a wet rag and clean the mess you made ..... Firmly pressing the activators on the rim if they become stuck the base won't work .......soften them up take your time they will loosen and then try a dry run ...using just a cup no blade press and turn to lock position .......this should get your hopes up by now ........then wipe clean plug unit in and have a BLAST.......