Itch and Turn Red when I Exercise

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Donna R.
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Hello All! I want to move! I hope you can help me.  I have MS, and really doubt this is related, but when I get hot I will get a itchy rash that drives me insane!  I use to bike, do yoga, walk, jump on my trampoline, garden and whatever but can not for very long or at all because of this.  I can go grocery shopping and start with it.  I have been to three doctors who could not help.  A friend told me to take a antii-histimine and it slows it down but not stop it.

I am really hoping it is something lacking in my diet or something in my diet that is causing it!  Help and Thank You!

Oh well! No one else knows either. I will just keep immune blasting!
I'm sorry pinky, I am not familiar with this type of situation :( I will keep my eyes peeled for anything as I continue to learn/read and if I come across any possible explanations, I will certainly share them with you. Did the Dr.s have any guess as to what might be the cause? And you are certain it is not food or allergy-related? Some anti-inflammatory foods that may help act as an antihistamine include: chia seeds, green tea, citrus fruit, ginger, sunflower seeds, and pineapple. Foods or supplements containing Quercetin, Bromelain, Nettle extract or tea, and Vitamin C may help relieve symptoms. You would also need to analyze the foods you are currently eating to see if any of those are sparking a reaction. Once you know the cause of this rash you will know if it is food related and can then move forward with that approach.
Thank you Krista so much! Yes I have looked into it all. Soaps, detergents, food, clothes (fabrics)! You name it. All my neurologists says, your system us more sensitive because you have MS! Geesh! Others are just clueless. One doctor gave me a prescription but it put me to sleep! No itching then, LOL!, but no doing anything either! So that was the end of that! I looked it up online and some say it is just from exercise, you know, "heat rash"? Nothing I didn't already know! Well thank you so much and I will keep those foods and supplements in mind!
I found a acupuncturists so praying this can help. She told me the rash and itch will be relieved with treatment! It will take some treatments!
I've seen an acupuncturist before and have experienced the great things they can do. I hope it helps.
hello Donna ! i have been through this situation when your body gets warm up it starts to itching just like as ants eating your body and this mostly occured in winters to me . well anti histamine should work But mine problem just gone automatically after some time . Eat more green vegetables ,Drink more water , and try to eat some raw vegetables and fruits . you will get fine .
hope u will get better
I don't know... in fact. I'm also coping with the same problem during exercise