juice too thick to drink

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Donna P.
Joined: 10/09/2014
Hi. I've noticed that far too often (and perhaps with certain ingredients vs others tho I'm not sure) my juice/blast comes out too thick. It's a foamy, almost solid of foodstuff about 1-2 inches thick and the liquid, drinkable part is below. Advice on how to get a uniform, fluid, drinkable consistence? I can hardly choke this stuff down. Was thinking that maybe I'm running the machine too long or not long enough but cannot tell. Please advise. Thx.
Hi donnapenn, we are very sorry to hear of your experience. Please contact Customer Service at 855-346-8874 when calling please have your NutriBullet and accessories with you. Hours of operation are: Monday through Sunday 6AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time. Please call during these hours and one of our customer service specialists will be happy to assist you.