The Junk Food Life

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Kathy T.
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Hello everyone!  I am 52 years old, a junk food junkie, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I weigh 240 lbs, and produce is not, and never has been, my friend.  In fact the ONLY way I will even think of consuming fruits and veggies, is in a smoothie.  Am I the only freak out there?  I used to have the Magic Bullet,  it fried about 2 years ago, and never replaced it until yesterday, when I bought the NutriBullet.  My main goal right now is to get more produce and nutrients in my diet, cut down on the sweets, and get more exercise.  I know that weight loss will follow, slowly but surely.  I guess my question is, should I start out with just adding a blast to my day till I get used to it, or should I start replacing meals and snacks?  How many blasts would be considered too many?  If there are others out there like me, who doesn't eat any kind of fruit or veggie please chime in if you have had good results with the Blasts.  Thank you!  :). 

HI there, I am 51 and IHI there, I am 51 and I weighed 250 lbs about 6 months ago. I am now weighing 204lbs and still losing weight steadily. I have a smoothie every morning. From time to time, I replace one meal with a smoothie or a juice. I exercise moderately 30 min 5 times a week and I make conscious choice for everything else I eat. I hope this will encourage you to get there as well. It totally worth it. Cheers Larry