Just bought my NB 900 - Major heart issues

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steven H.
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Hi all,

I'm a 55 year old male that has been in the hospital more than I'd care to admit.  At 37 I had quad bypass.  Since then I've had several minor heart attacks, over a dozen stents and last summer I went to a specialist in NYC to open up several completely blocked arteries using a special angioplasty technique.  I'm on about a dozen medications and about a year ago I went to the emergency room because my blood sugar was 4000.  I've had a busy life.


I've tried almost everything.  I really hope this can help


If anyone can recommend a few recipes I'd really appreciate it.



I could spend hours this subject but let me share some highlights! Three years ago I became an unwilling member of the "silent killer club".No stints or surgeries, my heart mostly scarred tissue with just a little viable tissue remaining. In the middle of the night, a Dr. came into my room and stated,"get your affairs in order you're not going to make it." After the shock, I laughed, " How can I get my affairs in order? I'm unable to move- just- laying in bed." Food Based Nutrition heals and repairs the body! The Heart is a muscle and it responds positively if you give it the correct nutrients and strengthen it with the correct physical therapy!There is a reason why heart disease is the number one killer in the USA!I suggest reading the book, "The Great Health Heist" by Paul Rosen. Enjoy the book with this recipe: Handful of Organic Fennel Tops 1 cup Fresh squeezed Fennel Juice 1 Large Organic Tangelo Boost with: 1 Scoop of Green Vibrance 1 tsp each of Flax Seed, Hemp Seed, and Chia Seed Add 2-3 Filtered water ice cubes and filtered water to MAX in Large Cup!Mix 30 seconds GOOD HEALTH!
Can I just blend the whole fennel?
Take a look in our recipes section for some good heart healthy Blasts :) And 4000? Did you mean 400 for your blood sugar?