Just got my Nutribulelt i need some advise...

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larry d.
Joined: 2/05/2014

I want to loose weigh,  I currently have apples, pears, bannas, and blueberrys and  cacao nibs,chia seeds, goji berries, and maca powder... I am not sure what i can make with this I am 39 and am maybe 290 :( i want to loose atleast 70 lbs in the next 7 months I think its realistic, please advise on what might work, I do not work out I have cut out soda and greasy foods...


I bought this because i hear Opie from Opie & Anothony radio show talking about how he loves his!!



We have some great articles and recipes for weight loss and a whole forum dedicated to weight loss. Check that out for some great advice from Wally. In addition, from our home page search for "weight loss" to get you started!