just purchased my third Nutribullet

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This is my third NutriBullet. I just bought the new RX version, and the hot soup was delicious and the machine and the implementation of performance was seamless. Your products, your recipes, your books, and the website are filled with the best information. I cannot rave enough about these machines.. I juice everyday, and I have never felt better. Thank you for these creations of product and follow up books which so enhance our lives beyond measure. S. Kendall Los Angeles California
I love my NutriBullet (it is still going strong after more than 3 years), but it was never big enough. I got the NutriBulletRX for Christmas and it's awesome! Huge blending container! I noticed the rubber seal on the extractor blade assembly comes off on my RX, so make sure it is seated properly BEFORE putting the extractor blade assembly on your blending container. I just ordered an extra extractor blade as a back up, very inexpensive. I have heard others having trouble with the seal not seated properly resulting in leaks and chopped up rubber seal in drinks. Maybe there should be a warning sticker on the blade to make sure the rubber seal is seated before use.
I'm glad you mentioned that because I love soup and am going to purchase one. Again...thanks for the heads up ! :))