Just started in Ohio

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Melanie W.
Joined: 11/10/2013

Hello. Seen the infomerical last Monday morning and by Weds stopped at Walmart to pick one up. 


I am not a big veggie eater so having a nutrious meal is hard for me. I get bored of vitamins and such. So thought would give this a try.

My first 3 days just did the start up Nutriblast of spinach, pear, banana, pumpkin seeds or almonds, also added some blueberries. Took 3 tries to get the portions where they were drinkable. I started out with the small cup but had problems getting the % right for taste, so on Fri morning switched to the tall cup and it was much better. Going to try working with a recipe for 3 days, then change out to another one for 3 days, that way I don't get tired of one recipe. So far its been good. Doing the Skinny Blast and the Sleepy Seeds from the website. The Sleepy Seeds is very good, still need to tweek Skinny, think I had too much spinach. Its trial and error, but once I know my portions per recipe, all is good. Looking forward to seeing results. My body has been really needing something. Over 50 and overweight doesn't help, and just wanted to give this a try. I don't do diets :)

Good luck Melwood! Hope NutriLiving and the NutriBullet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle! Let us know when you find your favorite recipes. :) Gabe