Large cup is leaking when making a blast

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sally v.
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When making a nutri bullet drink, the liquid leaks out between the cup and the extractor blade attachment.. This happens way too often. Any ideas on how to prevent this. It is not cross threaded and is on tight enough. It does not seem to be related to how full the cup is.

Sallyvel, be sure you are twisting the blade on tight enough. In addition, the liquid and ingredients should be below the Max line. If this continues to happen it may be an issue with the gasket on the blade. Check to be sure it is in place. If you continue to have trouble, let us know and we can alert customer service to your issue for further troubleshooting or replacement.
I have found that if I fill the cup up with ingredients above the max line I need to put in less water. In the beginning I was filling it up to the max line and it was leaking also. Once I stopped filling it with so much water I stopped having problems.
I have had the Nutribullet for about 6 weeks and have seen that alot of people have leaking problems. I have had no such issues at all! Follow the instructions to the word and there should be no issues. I go one step farther to prevent leaks. Once a week I take the white gasket out of the blade cap and clean the gasket and the channel it sits in and then put it back in and make sure it seats flush to the channel. No matter how much or long I clean the cap there is stuff that gets under the gasket and may not let it seal correctly in time. Just a tip that has worked for me. my nutribullet a few days ago. the rubber gasket ring on my new one doesn't seem removable. the one we have at work however is removable. had NB changed the design and if so...which one is newer?
I am having the same problem. I screw it on tight, but the leaking is horrible. I have written customer service twice , but have recieved no response.
Bought it yesterday. Used four times never above max line. Leaked every time. UPDATE: Good news! Started SERIOUSLY TIGHTENING the base until I couldn't tighten it further. No more leaking thus far. Thanks!
Just an update. Customer service contacted me and they are sending out a new blade.
I've been having the same problem off and on with my seems like the blade assembly doesn't always seal to the big cup properly. Usually I can tell if it isn't right because I have a hard time getting the bullet to click into the start position. Other times it seems fine until I take it off and it's leaked inside the assembly. Other than that, no issues, but it's annoying. Any suggestions?
OK, I had leaky problem today w/ short cup and it was not full. So, when it leaks, does that pose a problem w/ the motor as what leaks comes out the bottom? Cleaned it by using an eye dropper to flush my unit out. Good or bad idea? Please advise. thanks
hi, the one that is removable is newer, if you look at the base on the blade you will see they improved the inner working on the extractor blade, also the configuration of the blade itself. the older blade had a wear and leakage problem, the new blades are a lot better
The blades that have the removeable gaskets will do that if you don't make sure the gasket is set correctly. Terrible design on that one. I have had no problem at all with the non-removeable gasket.