leaking Nutriibullet???

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Before I bought the Nutribullet, I ready to make sure you NEVER went over the max line as the unit would leak.....and I have not.  However, 50% of the time I blend something it leaks and it is very frustrating.  I am concerned for the cleanliness of the machine as stuff seeps down through and come out the bottom.  Also concerned it may end up shorting due to the liquid?  Not to mention, the mess is a pain.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Could it be defective?



Hi Tia, today is the first day, I'm using my Nutri bullet and I'm experiencing the same problems. Waiting to see what responses you get back on this frustrating problem.
Use the link below to contact customer service, and I'll alert them to your messages. http://www.nutribullet.com/site/contact
Thank you CB. However, IThank you CB. However, I didn't even have to, they called me! Now that is CUSTOMER SERVICE + :)
Hello, I am having the sameHello, I am having the same issue. The bottom of my blade attachment creates a brown liquid that is also left in the base after I make a blast. What should I do? Thank you. Kristy
Kristy - Write me a private message here and we'll get this sorted out.
I too have just posted on another thread...started with Black Dust around the cog underneath the blade unit and this morning Black Liquid. This leads me to believe that the water is seeping through the blade down to the cog underneath. I threw the Blast away for fear of what was inside other than what I had put in it! Hopefully, you guys in America and Canada will get it sorted pretty quick...I doubt, however, that I will be so lucky over here in the UK, because I've already been told previously that they don't ship outside of America and Canada. Very disappointed that we have been able to purchase the Nutribullet system over here in the UK, but have no redress for any problems or faults that arise. I have just purchased a number of ingredients including Rice Bran which had been suggested, for my unit in rediness for my recovery following my ankle surgery tomorrow...may as well throw money down the drain!
I too on occasion have this same problem. I thought I did something wrong. But I still love my bullet.
Who did you purchase your unit from?
Hi CB, I purchased the unitHi CB, I purchased the unit directly from Nutribullet. After posting here, their customer service line called me to trouble shoot. We determined it could be the blade leaking and they are sending me another blade. I too was concerned about the liquid that had leaked in creating some sort of fungus or what not. They suggested that I clean it with vinegar and flip the unit over to allow everything to seep out. They assured me all the mechanical components were safe from getting wet. I am very happy with the way this was handled. I hope they new blade solves the issue as I too and very happy with the product. Just don't like the leaking. Brenda