Leaky Product

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birgitta g.
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I purchased my NutriBullet as a gift to myself for New Years 2014.  After using it for approximately one month, my NutriBullet has started to leak every time i use it.  I am NOT overfilling the cup nor am i leaving it loose (i hand tighten).  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?  I tried calling Customer Service but was told they had an extreamly long hold time, left my number and have yet to get a return call (7 hours later). 

My Bullet was used 4 months then started leaking. I cannot use the small cup at all. I think the blade portion needs to be replaced.
same here :( heartbreaking!!
I think you guys should write this again under the Feedback section of the forum. to see if you get a response from them. Good luck!