less caffeine without trying

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francine s.
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I've been juicing and blasting for about a month. Feel great, more energy, maybe some weight loss, clearer skin. Biggest surprise is that I've cut back from 4\5 cups coffee a day to about 2 and I didn't even realize I was drinking less. I didn't have to try, just naturally craved less caffeine which is so huge for me. 

Second that on the coffee, i didn't even realized I stopped. I save my coffee for a nice afternoon latte and enjoy it more.
I just bought the Nutri Bullet Rx. I consume large amounts of coffee daily, what recipes would anyone suggest?
I agree! I am not a big coffee drinker, but I have found that I crave it less at breakfast (which is a Blast) and I don't need it or even a snack mid morning. It doesn't matter which blast I make.
I started a week ago and each morning I have only been having the Detox smoothie which came on the recipe card in the box (apple, banana, pear, pineapple, spinach, water to max line) not only do I feel incredibly more awake and happier I have realised I am not reaching for the tea or coffee all morning (desk job), it is only until the afternoon I fancy a pick me up. As a side note if you like a drink on the weekend like I do then this smoothie is an almost instant hangover cure alongside a pint of water, less then an hour after drinking it I feel absolutely fine and last weekend I drank to excess at a birthday party, tonnes of prosecco :)