maca powder vs maca root supplements

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Alison C.
Joined: 2/09/2013

just wondering if maca powder is better to take than maca root supplements for energy and vitality?

acpezstar, I'd have to see what is in the maca root supplement. Take a look at the ingredient list to see what is in the supplement. If it is comparable to the powder, but just in pill form, then they should both be good. What is the brand you use? Can you send a link?
I just started taking a Maca tincture any comments or info would be appreciated?
It should be the same as the powder or supplement form as far as benefits go. You'd have to look at the ingredient list to see what all is in there and then do a search to make sure the brand uses quality maca in their production of the tincture. Here's an article from our blog about maca:
I would think it would be the same!