making the shakes and taking them with you

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Mark F.
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I work mainly driving around Denver and never have time to eat at a desk.  Is it ok to do make the drinks in the morning and put them in a cooler for the day.  Do they loose their potency when in liquid form and stored in a cooler.  Please let me know.





FAQ #15 helps answer this Q :) It should be fine as long as your cooler stays cold and dark and the Blast is sealed tightly. Some nutrients will be lost, but in that time span, if stored correctly, it will retain a beneficial amount. Another idea as you will see in that link above is to freeze a Blast and then pull it out to take with you and as the day goes on, it will slowly thaw out (still store in the cooler to make sure it doesn't get too hot) - more nutrients are retained when frozen than when cold, at room temperature, or hot. Just another idea to try.