Medical Warning Needs More Information

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William R.
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I use Effient, a new blood thinner. What do I specifically need to ask my doctor regarding fixing foods with the NutriBullet?

My wife uses Lexapro and Ativan. Same question: what questions do I need to ask her doctor?

Just my opinion but I doubt that a doctor will be able to inform you re foods other than grapefruit and cholesterol meds. I told my pharmacist about it and asked him questions in relationship to my multitude of meds and he just didn't get it and had no knowledge of same. A Registered Medical Dietitian should be given a list of all your meds and then give you the name of conflicting foods. A Naturopath would probably be more tuned into foods & supplements reactions with medications. Health Food Supplements should probably be treated in the same fashion as foods. Hopefully the dietitian in here will have some input/feedback. Basically I think if you eat it already then its okay to nutri blast it.
The main Q is to ask if there are any nutrient or food interactions that interfere with these specific medications. Also mention that you will be consuming more fruits and veggies and how that may affect the dosage that they recommend. Great question :) I agree that most Drs are not well versed on nutrition, however they are fully aware of your personal health history. A naturopath or a personal clinical RD is a great option too! Most often there's no that comes to mind is that some blood thinners like coumadin dosage will depend on how many vitamin K rich foods you consume on a daily more info on that: I'm not sure if the new blood thinner is affected by leafy greens or vitamin K so this again is something to ask your health care provider.