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cyndy a.
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Any advise about foods that help migraines...thats my biggest issue ...it comes from neck issues 

You said it is more of a mechanical trigger vs. food, however I'd also take a look at what you are eating so that you can rule out any that may be triggering your migraines. There are some foods more than others that affect people. These include chocolate, citrus fruits, dairy, MSG, aged cheese, alcohol (especially red wine) and sugar substitutes (aspartame). Now on to what you can include in your NutriBlast that may help...fresh ginger and foods high in magnesium (pumpkin seeds, spinach, swiss chard, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews). Some people find help with lavendar essential oils (used topically) and the herb feverfew: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/feverfew which can be found at a health food store. Hope it clears up!! Also, check here for some more tips: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/article/4-natural-remedies-for-migraines