Minimal Change Disease

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paul r.
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I have a kidney disease that is all about inflammation and the kidneys spilling protein-can you give me a listi of the best anti-inflamatory foods to use in the bullet-

I need to get off the meds and I believe using the anti inflammation foods in the BLASTS I can get better-please drop me  a list of the best foods-


Paul Reilly

While I cannot provide specific medical nutrition advice without knowing your healthy history and more about the issue, I can provide a link to some great anti-inflammatory foods. Check w/ your Dr. first to make sure these are ok for you to consume. With certain kidney issues protein, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium should be monitored.
super fit surfer-played football at UCLA-3 years ago diagnosed with Mininmal Change Disease-it is is the inflammation of the kidneys spilling protein-my kidney function is good- I take Prednisone to keep it down-thanks for the list