Missing taste Advice anyone

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mary m.
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I am experimenting with receipes and today I made a smoothie/blast that was missing that final flavor.  Two handfuls of a 50/50 spring mix and spinach; one pear; one banana ( love creamy texture); 15 raw almonds; 6 asparagus spears; 4 baby carrots; and 1/2 cup greek yougurt.  It wasn't bad but a flavor hole occurred and I can think of what to add.  All of my drinks have yougurt for texture and the live cultures help my digestion of other dairy.

A dash of cinnamon, some fresh ginger, a touch of vanilla extract or maybe a pitted date for a bit more sweetness - these all help round out the flavors of Blasts without a bunch of added sugar.
I use half a packet of no sugar added Nestle's choc drink mix. You can also add a portion of flavored protein powder or something like instant breakfast. Find the healthy ones :)
I find that a couple of drops of any good flavoring extract really fills that "hole". I started by using the standards - lemon, orange, vanilla, rum, and then I found flavors like coconut, raspberry, root beer (incredible with almond milk bases), anise, and walnut. They also mix together well (think jelly belly combos) such as orange and vanilla to get Dreamsicle, root beer and vanilla to get a Root Beer Float. Try anything, just go easy until you have tasted it. Remember the extracts bring flavor, not sweetness. I have also found that some extracts are much stronger than others. The extracts are reasonably priced and are found on the grocery store aisle with the cake mixes. Enjoy.