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c d.
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Ok all you me with my "mushroom dilemma". I've been reading about the wonderful impact mushrooms can have on our health. Dr. Fuhrman touts them highly in his GBOMB-type diet (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, and berries/seeds). Another, (Dr. Weil?) says they need to be cooked to release there nutrients. Paul Stamets swears that they cure cancer...something about the fungal spores...

What is a good way to incorporate them into a Blast recipe? Just through a few in? Any particular variety better than another? Would dried ones work OK?

I am toying with Blasting a GBOMB concoction using spinach, onions, mushrooms, chia and cooked white beans or lentils. I probably would heat this gently to actually injest (I'm kind of a cold veggie wimp), but does this sound feasible??

It's blizzarding here in the Midwest and I'm headed outside after a spinach/banana/blueberry/chia Blast. Take that! North wind! 8-)


I actually have not used whole mushrooms, but have used mushroom powders like this one here: This is basically raw dried mushrooms, so you could probably add them in dried form directly. Let us know how your recipe turns out!
hi, I love mushrooms! I have recently seen a video that David Avocado Wolf used dried mushrooms. Maybe that would work! I am not an expert by any means!