My Experience with NB so far...

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Deniece B.
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I have been blasting since July, one for breakfast and one for lunch. I have lost 33 pounds so far. Not only has my NB made me start eating healthier, it has made me look at my life as a whole. I am much much more active and feel an overall sense of well being, mind, body and soul. I am a creature of habit so I haven't done much experimentation after the first 2 weeks I had my NB. I thought I would share a couple recipes I use so far

My Breakfast and Lunch

In tall cup:

2 handfulls of spinach

1/2 tomato (fresh frozen)

5 baby carrots

4 broccoli florets

4 chunks of beets fresh frozen)

chunk of onion (I had to experiment to get the right amount)

4 slices of red, green or yellow peppers (fresh frozen)

6 red or green grapes (fresh frozen)

Fill to Max Line with cold water * Note I freeze some of my vegetables to give it  cold more palatabe taste 

I pour 1/2 in small cup to max line and put in fridge

Then to the tall cup I add 1 tbls Chia Seeds and re-blast

**Don't add Chia Seeds to the entire blast and save half for lunch or you will have vegetable pudding if you do

At lunchtime I add 1 tbls of Chia Seeds to my saved blast and then re-blast.

I am soo hooked on this blast and it seems to be helping me and I hope it can help some of you out there also.

For my dinner I cut out most processed foods, ditched the salt shaker and stopped using any oil except Olive Oil on occasion. Another trick I have learned is instead of using a regular sized dinner plate I now use a salad plate for portion control

For my twice a week treet:

In the small cup:

1 bananna

2 tbls of carob chips

1 tsp all natual peanut butter

Fill to max line with unsweetened vanilla or plain almond milk


Comes out like ice cream. YUM

Congratulations on the weight loss!! You are doing a a great job keep it up!! Please keep us informed on your progress and keep posting new recipes and tips. We all learn from each other. Healthy Wishes wally Bishop C.N.C.
The salad plate trick is really smart. I read recently that people are more likely to finish everything on their plate, regardless of the plate's size, so if the plate is small, no problemo!! Thanks for sharing!