My Nutribullet just stopped working with no warning

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Maria F.
Joined: 1/09/2014

Hello, my nutribullet just stopped working with no warning. It was only running for a few seconds. I purchased it only in November, so it's not even a year old. I called the nutribullet customer service number but I couldn't get a hold of anyone because all the service reps are tied up. I use my bullet every day and I'm desperate. I believe I am under warranty. Thank you

Maria Filippone

Hi Maria, We are sorry toHi Maria, We are sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, we don't have access to account information or troubleshooting assistance at NutriLiving. Please contact Customer Service at 855-346-8874 from 9 AM to 8 PM EST for assistance. If you are unable to acquire assistance this way, you can email them at
Mine tok !! So darn sad
How long did you run the machine?