Natural Healing Foods book not included in my purchase

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Colleen N.
Joined: 12/07/2012

I bought my NutriBullet from Showcasecanada (As Seen On TV) store in Canada. I paid $139.99 plus tax and it did not have the 200 page book.

I have already registered my NB on so you know I have purchased a NB.

Is there any way people can order the book at a discounted rate?

I really want the book.  My daughter even bought a NB from Canadian Tire and paid less that I did $99 plus tax and got the 200 page book!!!!




Hello racegirl88! TheHello racegirl88! The Natural Healing Foods book is available for purchase here. I'm sorry, we do not offer discounts. It is not sold through retail so I am not sure how your daughter received a copy with hers.
It's too bad they don't include the book with all the sales of Nutribullet! I bought two of them from Kohls and I can't afford to pay $30 more for the book!! Plus shipping!!!