Need advice and maybe a little encouragement

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I am having a difficult time making a blast that I really enjoy and doesn't taste like grass. I am a diabetic, and I am trying not to use a whole lot of fruit, but I can't seem to find a recipe that taste good without alot of fruit. I have wasted so much money, food, and time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I truly want to drink a healthy blast everyday, because I feel so much better when I do. My goal is to be healthy-which includes loosing at least 100 pounds or more.




Hi Renniehunt69. First, you already have a "WIN" in your corner as you have committed to make a change in your health by changing the way you eat. So, "wooo-woo" to you!! We just started using the Nutribullet three weeks ago and I started keeping a bit of a journal with what combinations tasted good and which ones didn't. As you have diabetes, be sure sure sure your doctor is on board with this, then start with some of the recipes for blood sugar. If you are having a hard time getting over the taste of the greens, you might want to back up and try a light tasting green like romaine lettuce. Then increase to darker greens as your tastes adjust. I am finding cinnamon and ginger to be wonderful additions - no sugar but it gives the drinks a bit of "oomph" needed. Finally, keep an eye on the sugar in the fruits. Then, find what tastes good. It's all a matter of taste. Keep up the good work!