Need Help, For Lower Cholesterol and High Liver Enzymes

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Luis D.
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Hello all my name is Louie, Just got my NutriBullet, and I have been reading so much , currently I have High Cholesterol Levels Like 240 and high Tryglycerides plus high LDL levels and low HDL levels I recently had a Heart Cath done thank God my arteries are clean 98 to 99 % as the Doc said but he also told me I need to loose weight lower my Cholesterol and get my liver enzymes back to normal .

I am asking for help in choosing a Nutri Blast to help me with this and wanted to know what do you guys Recommend Or if any of you Have tried your own for Lowering Cholesterol would like to know what works best

also should I take one Nutri Blast in the morning and one at night like one for the Cholesterol and one for the Liver

Any help on this is greatly appreciated

Thank you 


Louie it's good to hear your arteries are very clean. Congratulations on getting your NutriBullet and your new path to better health and wellness. Pages 174 through 179 in the NutriBullet book will list detoxing foods for the body and it's organs. Read the book it is very informative and will help you. Detoxing is very important for your overall health. Two NutriBlast (what I call smoothies made in the NutriBullet) a day are always better than one. I would make each one different. Variety in your food choices is important. All foods provide different nutrient profiles, the more variety the large the potential for a wider spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants. Studies show a diet rich in fiber also may help reduce cholesterol levels. You can find a list of foods and their fiber content at Cholesterol does not come from plant foods. It only comes from animal food products. In fact, your body makes it's own cholesterol so you do not need any from your diet. Studies also show garlic, soluble stabilized rice bran and red yeast rice may help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. I really like rice bran and rice germ and it is very easy to use in a NutriBlast. Exercise is one of the best ways to raise good cholesterol levels. Make sure you keep your doctor informed of any diet and lifestyle changes. Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thank you for your Help Wally I have been looking over your website and reading the book I saw your before and after picture as well wow big transformation. thank again Louie
Thanks Louie, I am honored and happy to be of service. Let me know how you are doing from time to time. Healthy Holiday Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
I will do that Wally and thank you for your Kindness as well as your Knowledge. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Louie