Neutropenic Diet

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Diane L.
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I have been put on a Neutropenic Diet because of chemo.......which really bummed me out as I was a HUGE Nutribullet fan. Any suggestions on what I can juice and I am soooooo missing my greens!!!!!

Hi. I was placed on the same diet, but my oncologist allowed me to consume frozen fruits and veggies and even some canned. Still had to rinse them well. Have you asked if you can have frozen? If so, there are recipes that you can make in your NB.
Thank you Survivor...........what do you think about blanching the kale before I blast it?
Sounds like blanching is the way to go to make it super clean before you consume it. Just make sure it is okay with your doctor. When someone's wbc is really low, they are super careful. When mine was really low and they couldn't do treatment, I had to eat a lot of boxed mac and cheese, but for the most part, as long as I cleaned, boiled, scrubbed everything like crazy, I could eat with caution. So much fun, right?