Never having had to toss a Nutriblast when experimenting!

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Jay C.
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I experiment often with ingredients and never ever had to toss out a Nutriblast.  I usually am very good at offsetting other ingredients to make the smoothie as palatable as possible such as adding sweet and refreshing grapes when I have added too much of a bitter ingredient.  Does anybody have their own story to share how they saved their Blast or would like to share their absolute no no, or otherwise would be known as the blast of no return? 

My NutriSaviorI always add a dash of lemon if it's too bitter, and a dash of cinnamon if it tastes bland. I'm not a sweets person, so in that regard, I am very lucky!
I've only not enjoyed one I had using arugula. Since then I learned that I cannot do arugula in my NB's! Lemon, honey, and mint all help cover up the taste though!
Lemon is a great addition. I drizzle it over all my greens. Gala apples are favorite fruit so I use them as my go-to fruit for correcting any blasts that needs help. Also, I found out that I do not like beets in my blasts but I was able to readjust by adding blueberries. Yum. I reajust my blasts about once or twice a month (not bad average) and I've never had to suffer through a bad blast.
This morning I tried fresh parsley for the greens not too much though. With all the other fruits I added, it was good.
I like the idea using grapes to offset the other bitter ingredients. I think you can't go wrong by also adding grapes/banana or apples to sweeten it up!
Cinnamon covers up a lot of yuck...I can add a whole tablespoon of spirulina if I add a good amount of cinnamon. Also, a pinch of sea salt in veggie based Blasts can really up them to the next level of deliciousness. Can't wait to hear more tips from you guys. :)
to make my Blast sweeter I put riped banana and if i dont want it too thick I put half of a banana and chunks of pineapple. FYI: If banana is not ripe i put it in a brown bag for a day or two or depending how fast it ripens.
Don't toss a full grapefruit (lesson learned)
Elynn - Never even though about adding some salt to a veggie-forward blast to make it taste "better". Have you tried other types of salt such as kosher salt or himalayan pink salt?
Maria - Thanks for the tip about helping make a banana get ripe faster. I like the tip of making it sweet with 1/2 of a banana and pineapple (when you don't want to make it too thick).
Zagato - How did you use the grapefruit in your blast? What else did you add to it?
Thank you for these awesome tips!
I freeze my very ripe bananas. When blasted with spinach or kale and any combo of apple/cantaloupe/pineapple, I get a cold, creamy "fruit" shake that's so refreshing, I almost feel guilty having one 2 days in a row.
This is definitely an awesome trick! I love it when the drink is cold, creamy and sweet :-).
I do mostly throw it in and see what happens blasts. Today I used spinach,watercress(just curious about it so I bought a bag),parsley (a little) a little kale, (I have been using mostly Kale all week), pomegranate, a little banana, and 3 frozen grapes a few chunks of frozen mango, walnuts and almonds. It was pretty good!
This sounds really yummy! Thanks for sharing!
I am glad you said that about the honey! I bought local honey today because I have allergies and wanted to know if others put it in their blasts! Have a lemon in my frig....think I might throw that in next time....well part of it! Trying to blast to keep the flu away! I got the flu blast recipe off the site, but it was bitter. Added a banana and honey today! Much better! Thanks all!
Wow, what I tried today was a Delicious combination! handful spinach about 1 cup strawberries 1 kiwi 1/2 inch of fresh ginger root 2 ice cubes 2 Tbsp Almonds 1 Tbsp Chia seeds Water to max line Couldn't believe how good it was. Shared it with a workmate. For breakfast I had 1 scoop chocolate shakeology 2 ice cubes 1 banana 2 Tbsp almonds 2 Tbsp Peanut butter Milk (regular, but I suggest Almond Milk) Excellent!
I put avocado in a 100% veggie blend. It was like vegetable pudding. YUCK