New and Blasting Happy !

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Linda Orannhawk R.
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Today is day two of my Blasting Adventures and I am LOVING it !

I have maintained a very clean diet for the past three years, eating Paleo. I had already begun to eliminate processed foods when I learned that I can never consume glutens again, and then many other foods due to allergic reactions. After my initial doctors visit, I wasn't too concerned with eliminating foods as for the most part I grew up eating pretty clean. I had my moments prior to this ... burgers, nachos and beer were a mainstay for a few years and the digestive issues grew worse. I was worn out from feeling horrible every time I ate. In the beginning of returning to eating primal, then paleo, I thought that the extra pounds would come off easily, the muscle aches after my workouts would ease off some, my sleeping would be more sound ... and even though I saw some awesome changes, it did not materialize like I expected.

I started having issues with digesting many fruits and vegetables and as a result, I eliminated more things to the point where I was eating little to nothing. I knew that nutritionally, I was sliding downhill and it was not a fun ride at all. When I happened on the program on TV, I watched a few minutes, then checked the guide and set up to record it again. I watched it several times, making mental notes then reading all the info on the website and watching all the videos.

Friday I made the trip to a nearby town to the closest Bed, Bath and Beyond and made good use of their 20% off coupon and bought my NutriBullet. I read the guide, washed everything and went to the grocery store for organic kale, apples, a few bananas, parsley and blueberries. Spent the evening washing up the produce, bagged up prepared kale, froze small containers of cubed apple and banana slices and blueberries. Yesterday morning I made my first Blast with the kale, a few slices of banana, berries and a few cubes of apple. I also added in some slices of fresh ginger root (love that stuff!). 

I tried this before in my Ninja blender, and as much as I like that blender, I was not impressed with the resulting drink. The NutriBullet however was a different story altogether ! I was stunned ... it was AMAZING ! I sat here later reading through the success stories on here and making notes in the back of the guide. When lunch time rolled around, all I could think of was make another Blast ... same thing last night .... BLAST again ! I did have a small snack in the afternoon, a few baby cut carrots. 

Today I have had two Blasts, both with kale and a mix of parlsey, carrot, apple and blueberries with hemp hearts for the protein and fat. I am totally satisfied and at this point, I realized that my body has been craving the nutrition I was lacking. I had eliminated so many things with the allergen restrictions, and I knew that I was not getting an adequate balance of greens.

I am amazed how quickly my body is reacting (in a good way !) to this- my ring is loose, my energy levels are way up and it's only day 2 ! I can't wait to see and feel the results a month from now !

I have my grocery list next to me now, almost all greens too. Until my body tells me differently I plan to do 3 Blasts a day, with the small snacks in between and go from there. I am planning a trip to Florida in the next few months and will be ordering the case to carry my NutriBullet with me. 

Happy to be here !


What a great story! Thank you for sharing. Welcome to NutriLiving. We look forward to sharing your enthusiasm with you :)
Thank you Krista !