New Here ! From the Texas Gulf Coast

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Roy W.
Joined: 7/31/2014

Hello,new to this Extraction process ,i have done the blinder thing for a while,problem is,it dont grind up the seedes , I need this !

for seveal reasons , lower my BP/ not realy over weight,Buttttttt  could loose a few Lbs any way Hello to you all !

Howdy! From one Texan to another I'd like to say welcome to NutriLiving :) The NutriBullet should be able to process most seeds, however some from raspberries and blackberries are a bit too tiny for the blade to pulverize. If you are noticing issues withe larger seeds, you can either mill them into a powder by themselves prior to adding your produce and liquid or you may need to blend a little longer and add in some more liquid and keep it below the max line (this will allow more area for the ingredients to circulate and better ability to hit the blade). If you are still noticing some trouble, contact customer service to see about a new blade.