NEW - iOS and ANDROID Recipe App!

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Nutri B.
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We're excited to announce our newest mobile app - the NutriLiving Recipes app! 


With a collection of over 250 of the latest NutriLiving recipes, options to favorite, and options to share on social media, this app brings NutriBullet recipes right to you!


Our first version to date, we're also looking for your feedback. Download the app and give us your feedback: how do you like it? What would you change? What's it missing? We're all ears and looking for your helpful suggestions. 


NutriLiving Recipes is available on the Android Google Play Store and the Apple iOS App Store


I liked the app, you should add it to Amazon Marketplace to reach a broader market. Some suggestions: it would be nice to be able to add ingredients to a shopping list and add our own recipes. Congratulations and thanks for the app.