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Dorothy W.
Joined: 6/15/2013

Hello, I have a purely practical question. I want to register the product but I cannot find where to register on the website. I am a new  member. Can someone please direct me to the exact location where I can register please?? I think I started it but they make it extremely frustrating to know if its completed.


You should have gotten a card with that site on it with your device.
Hello, the page you're looking for is when it asks you for the "Serial Number" look for the "Warranty Registration Card" that came in your box, there you'll see the "Registration Number" if you can't find this card, look for the sticker under your nutribullet, that's going to be your serial number... I hope this helps!
You can also find the serial number on the bottom of your NutriBullet unit! Let us know if you have any further questions!
Hi i am new, i need to find out how to make changes to my register when i registered.
Use the link below to contact customer service, and I'll alert them to this message.
Can you use bottled juices instead of pure water? Bob
yobo123 wrote: Can you use bottled juices instead of pure water? Bob
Yes you can, however bottled juices are often loaded with added sugars. If using a juice, be sure to use a freshly pressed, pure juice with no added sugar. Even when using this type, I suggest using 1/2 juice and half water or sugar-free liquid so that you minimize even the concentrated natural sugars.
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