New - Need recommendations for Energy and Hunger

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Jen M.
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I am new to blasting and loving it BUT I need some recommendations for energy and hunger.  I just started and am drinking a "tall cup" every morning for breakfast with spinach and fruit but find that I am not making it past 2 hours before I'm hungry again!  I am also falling asleep by lunch :) 

I have been looking at the different protein powders and other supplements, but don't know which to use and how to get what I need without adding a lot of fat and calories.  

Any help is greatly appreciated!


We've got some great resources on this for you already! check these out...
You may be using too much fruit which will cause a blood sugar spike making you hungry later. Try using at least 1/2 veggies and 1/2 low sugar fruits like berries and green apples. Ideally you want 3 times more veggies than fruits. Certainly add nuts and seeds for additional protein or a high quality organic whey, hemp or brown rice protein. Let us know how you are doing Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
This response is probably too late, but I agree with your thought to add protein to you smoothies. I just started Blasting and found the same thing. On the second day I added half a scoop of protein powder (13g protein, little more than 100 calories) and added a mid-morning snack of a hard boiled egg. That seemed to do the trick for me and still kept my morning calories to less than 350. My husband is a bodybuilder, so he keeps us stocked with protein powder - I think he is using At Large Nutrition. I recommend you stay away from soy protein, too much soy can throw off your hormones.I prefer to use whey protein, but our current one is a mix of whey and egg protein.