New to Nutribullet but not to dieting

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Jeanne H.
Joined: 4/01/2014

Hi everyone, bought my bullet today and immediatly went to the grocery store and bought some generic ingredients.  I made a blast with some spinach and fruit.  I am really in need of some joint pain relief.  

I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  I hate pain pills because they really don't help and just make me feel messed up and sleepy.

Thanks for listening, Jeanne

I too just got my nutri bullet pro. I haven't tried it yet tomorrow is the big day. I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I just had surgery on my thumb. Arthritis destroyed two joints. I know good nutrition will really help. My body can't heal if I'm not giving it what it needs. Hope you get rid of your pain and off the pain pills. I'm in exactly the same situation.
Hi, my name is Jeanne. Thank you for listening and offering support. I found some good recipes and am doing pretty good. Thanks again
I also just bought the nutribullet I didn't know how useful this is I get really bad mood swings and maybe even anxiety at times during my monthly friend I already made my first smoothie.And I do not like eating veggies so I hope by getting this blender it will help me