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Stephanie F.
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HI. I am an acupuncturist, herbalist, qi gong instructor and former chef. I am trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and daoist cooking. I am not new to blending food. I use a vitamix and I decided to try the NutriBullet 900 pro. Why? I would like to provide an affordable way for my patients to eat healthier foods!

I came to daoist acupuncture as a patient and now I am a practitioner. I was in a tragic accident when I was 26. I am now 41 (in May) and I suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, nerve damage, R.S.D.S.,  off and on paralysis of the left leg and arm.  I have had two cervical spinal discetomy with a titanium plate in my neck. To top it off I also have arthritis, low back disc degeneration and sciatica.

I know from personal experience that food is just as powerful as western/eastern medicine. It is not a substitute in emergencys but wow.... when I do not have a green drink, some of my symptoms increase, reappear and the paralysis returns.  I find these drinks help my pain level, which helps my mood which improves my quality of life and gives me more energy and relief so that I can help others like myself.

From my own personal experience with injuries / surgeries sustained, I have learned that food should be a main healing modality in any pain management program and in any path to healing... no matter what makes your body uncomfortable.  Food can help east or western treatments last longer and help decrease the frequency and intensity of symptoms being treated. Some symptoms will disappear! Food helps the bodies natural ability to repair itself and return to homeostasis.

Thank you for the forums. I wish to contribute a little and learn a lot. Be well, eat good food!


Welcome MojoMoves! I've loved your insightful additions of TCM recommendations to our user's questions :) It's always good to provide a variety of modalities to see which ones work for each unique individual.
Thanks for the welcome. I am happy I found this forum. Your recommendations are well written and full of good information. I also like to integrate east and western thoughts / medicine / foods. The two work wonderful together. I agree, everyone is different and finding out what works for each individual is the key to successful health. Be well!