New User, consistency of shake is not pleasant, why?

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Robin S.
Joined: 3/19/2014

Hi, am new to this product, and like  many purchased it as a positive step toward health. I have tried a couple of freestyle recipes with fruits and veggies and some seeds, but with the seeds the chunks in the shake make it unpleasant, and have since tried milling the seeds, ( I found chia seeds at pharmacy, and flax seeds at Vitamin World) but quite often the shake is chunky, am afraid to run Nutri Bullet too long as the first time I did ran it too long and apparently overheated it, (this is something that should be addressed sooner rather than later in your literature) Any suggestions for a more pleasing consistancy? I purchased this product to replace a big, bulky juicer that wasted too much of the fiber of the fruits and vegtables, so would love to use this more optimally. Please help?

Thirty to sixty seconds should be plenty for it to make a smooth consistency (including nuts and seeds!). Are you adding enough liquid and not overfilling the cup? What ingredients are you using? Different ingredients lend a different texture, however chunky shouldn't be the final outcome. Try using a "binder" such as banana, avocado or a nut butter which all help make a smoother consistency. If you are noticing that there may be an issue with your blade or the NutriBullet base, then contact customer service at 1-855-346-8874.
My first attempt at a smoothie was broccoli, carrots, and kale and I substituted veritable juice for water. I went only to the fill line with the juice, but loaded the cup with vegetables. Talk about thick. I still drank it and it was fine. Next time I put fewer vegetables in and used water. Much more smooth. I am still playing around and learning. Adding nuts to my next smoothie. Let the games begin.