Newbie - Storage Advice Requested

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Jane N.
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Hi there

I hope I'm posting on the correct forum - apologies if not. Had my nutribullet for a week and it's great. I want to maximise the benefits so plan to get a whole load of ingredients in and I want to know whether it's best to use superfoods in isolation or whether you get as much benefit if you mix them, eg, if I store flax and sesame seeds together and add say a tablespoon of the mix each day, will the benefits be the same as having a whole tablespoon of flax one day and then a whole one of sesame the next?

Thanks in anticipation


Jane you can use them together for maximum benefit every day. Try to get every color of the rainbow in your blast everyday for maximum health benefits. Always use more veggies than fruits. For optimal health use low sugar fruits. However I would alternate chia and flax seed. Flax has more phytoestrogens and we want to limit those. Chia has even more omega 3 than flax does. If using Maca I would also use it every other day. Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thanks Wally As the days haveThanks Wally As the days have gone on, I've ended up putting a bit of everything in every time, so thanks for the tip. Jane