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Teri K.
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No SEARCH CAPABILITY on the Home Page & WHERE IS THE DIGITAL QUIZ touted in the book?  It would seem that this advertised "feature" should be clearly noted, unless your objective is to simply get people to subscribe to the website!  The "book" does not appear to carry a publication date.

PoeticAngel wrote: I was wondering the same thing Found it!!... Under recipes, towards the bottom, there is a window for the quiz that says "COMING SOON", How soon, is the question Have a great day!!!
Our goal is to have it up by the new year!
The fact that you put in your book that there is a quiz on the site and the so called millions of people who bought the bullet are wanting to take the quiz is a big mistake. The programing for such a test is so easy to do and a way for your customers to keep up with their needs. Big mistake on the companies part and does nothing but raise questions on how well the product and administration is for the product.