Number of smoothies

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Matthew S.
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My wife and I are new to the nutribullet. I have been reviewing many of the receipts. I am curious on how many smoothies should we have a day? 

I typically have one per day in the morning when I make my protein shake. I have seen people do three per day, but I would say that the average is 2/day...eating a good healthy dinner. It all depends though. There isn't a "One Size Fits All" approach.
I have two "small cup" smoothies per day. One in the morning for breakfast, and another as soon as I get in the door from work. When I first started drinking them, I used to have one large cup only, right after work, but I found that it was too much liquid all at once. It really interfered with my appetite for dinner, which I really look forward to since I don't eat a lot during the day. Having the small sized cup is more manageable and it also keeps me from overeating.
Usually 1-2 a day. It depends on you and your appetite.