NutriBlast for Improving Eyesight

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Tim N.
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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that I am now a Nutribullet owner and it is already one of the best purchases I have ever made. I've tried the juicer... But it was too hard to clean and seemed to waste too much of the good stuff. I've tried the blender.... But it didn't chop everything up nearly enough to make the drink very appealing. So I move on to the Nutribullet and wouldn't you know it... The darn thing actually works! The smoothies are the perfect consistency and the speed at which it makes them blows me a way.  Plus the added bonus of the fact that it only take one minute to wash and dry the thing.

Now my goal is to lose weight, a lot of it, and move to a more plant based diet. The question I have right now is, what are the best veggies or fruits to formulate a nutriblast that is exceptionally good for the eyes? My sight as really gone down hill in the last couple of years and I’m sure my diet has played a significant role in the matter. Just putting it out there in case anyone can help.


Nutriboy - Garlic plays an important role. When eaten raw and absorbed slowly it actually "scrubs" the crystalline lenses. As do carrots, broccoli, spinach. You could add avocado for healthy fats and creaminess and boost with sunflower seeds for vital nutrients and Chia seeds for essential plant-based omega 3's. You can also extract the juices from the flowers of a pumpkin still on the vine and apply the healing liquid directly to your eyelids twice daily for optimal results. Good luck!
I would recommend making blasts with spinach, carrots and broccoli. So happy you love your NB! Isn't it awesome!? I remember the first blast I made...I thought to myself after I took the first "sip"...OHHHH DANGGG this is going to be a staple appliance I will use forever! Yahoo! :)
Great suggestions!
I so totally agree. I've been so impressed with the simplicity and useability of my new Nutribullet, well, it makes me want to drag my old blender and demon juicer to the curb and set fire to the both of them. hee hee.
AMEN! :)