nutribullet and nutribullet RX

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Deb G.
Joined: 1/03/2015
can you use the recipes for the regular bullet like the Banana mango turmerick blast in you Rx machine
Yes you can!
Sorry don't know much on how to use forums, but I bought a Nutribullet Rx last year and haven't used it yet. My mom and I tried using it yesterday and the day before, but when I took it off to pour the smoothie, it had leaked inside the machine. Twice. Now, the Nutribullet, I've never had a problem with, unless I use TOO much ingredients. But, I didn't use too much for the Rx and it leaked twice. I'm not sure if I got a defective machine. My mom and I want to use it for soup, but not if it's going to leak. Does anyone know why it would be leaking?